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Darlene’s Blog August 2017

You could almost set your clock to it. Each day at about 4:00 p.m., Maria Consuela Martinez, a four foot […]
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Check Out These Top 5 Amenities in Assisted Living Communities!

If you’ve noticed certain signs and symptoms in your elderly loved one that is indicative of them needing more care […]
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Nutrient Rich Fruits

Top 5 Snacks to Help Seniors Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Eating Healthy To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Did you know that what you eat can negatively (or positively) affect […]
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If Dr. Helen Heely doesn’t stop all this face fussing she just might crush the flirty red hibiscus flower Avanti’s […]
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What’s Causing My Memory Loss?!? Maybe It’s One of THESE Causes!

Many people, especially those in middle age or older, experience memory loss during their lifetime, and most would jump to […]
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Where You Live Matters: The Role of Culture in Our Aging Journey

Here is an excerpt from a Brief about the experience of aging by Dr. Roger Landry, MD MPH: “Where we […]
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I was getting my mail from my box at The Avanti Post Office overdressed as usual when suddenly I heard […]
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It’s National Wine Day! What are You Waiting for?!?

“Either give me more wine or leave me alone.” – Jalaluddin Rumi It’s interesting to note that although Italy and […]
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What felt like an eternity dressed in an atrocious hospital gown was finally over. Four months had passed since I […]
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Here Are the Top 5 Places to Visit in Texas During the Spring!!

Okay. It’s that time of year that the snow has melted (if you were fortunate enough to even experience snow […]
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