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Memory Care

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Research funded by the National-Institute-of-Health is a basis for care at Salize.

All Avanti residences are suitable for providing behind-the-scenes support for people who might need a little help now and then. However, when more help is needed, Salize by Avanti is here. It’s a community within a community.

What’s in a name?

We selected the name “Salize” for our memory care program because it’s the Italian term for willow tree. Meaning, we bend and adjust what we’re doing to the needs of each unique resident.

Salize at Avanti sets the scene for empowered and healthy living by innovating new design and programming approaches for people experiencing cognitive difficulty. Our residential environments are beautiful, artful, and have the flavor of a luxury, boutique hotel with top tier service.

A Foundation In National Institute of Health Research

Salize programming is backed by federally-funded National Institute of Health (NIH) research that informs team-member training and modalities–all designed to help our residents live in the present through art, music, film, poetry and food.

Our philosophy is to avoid using pharmaceuticals for behavior management by focusing on holistic health, activities and intellectual engagement which prevent unnecessary use of pharma, and prioritizes our residents’ health, comfort, and happiness.

An atmosphere for serenity.

We’ve developed an atmosphere that’s conducive to serenity at every level. Common areas are purposefully designed with open spaces with short and easy-to-see walkways so residents do not feel overwhelmed or challenged by hidden corridors.

Salize is a calm environment that helps people living with Alzheimer’s disease deal with the stressors of anxiety, confusion and forgetfulness. Our peaceful outdoor garden and courtyard areas are designed to keep people safe and protected, and secure in the knowledge that they won’t get lost while enjoying the outdoors. In addition, the tranquility room is devised to provide soothing and peaceful sounds.

Lots of light and outdoor spaces.

The first thing you notice when walking into our community is the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings and lots of natural light. Natural light is a key cue that helps people be aware of the rhythm of the day and establishes their confidence in knowing when it’s time to wake up and go to bed.

Intellectual and soulful engagement.

In addition to an environment beneficial to residents with Alzheimer’s disease, the Salize memory care program provides a multitude of sensory-stimulation activities that engage all five senses – which is important for anyone struggling with dementia.

The goal of each activity is not the activity itself, but the engagement of the resident in an activity where they feel important and successful. The feeling of accomplishment a resident gains from these exercises often translates to a heightened feeling of success and self-worth overall.

In their specialized memory care neighborhood, residents have their own dining area, theater, salon, and other amenities that are unlike any other memory support community. Giving residents a way to express themselves in a safe environment that’s designed specifically for them not only improves their mood and well-being; it gives them the life they deserve.

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