Live. Forward.

Designed for the lifestyle you want to lead.

The finest hotels know something that few 62+ communities have yet to discover: Beauty matters. Details count. And customer service is everything.

Walk into any Avanti Living community and it feels fresh, modern and cozy— staffed with knowledgeable people dedicated to your needs, much like a boutique hotel.

Relaxing music drifts through the air. High, arched ceilings open up rooms and hallways. Large, over-sized windows wash interiors with natural light. Doors open to shaded outdoor patios with café-style furnishings that invite you to linger awhile and sip a refreshing drink.

Look closer and you’ll notice artistic flourishes and one-of-a-kind, original works of art tastefully decorating the walls, alcoves and other surfaces. While residents adore their private apartments, they also relish Avanti’s beautiful common areas such as the SAVOR Lounge with daily wine pours and the “A” CREW Family Room where grandkids can play!

People of all ages love visiting Avanti Living communities—and why wouldn’t they? After all, it feels a lot like a boutique hotel.

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