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Two of the leading companies in their respective fields, Avanti Senior Living and CarePredict, have come together to improve the quality of care and wellness for seniors, making senior living state-of-the-art. Avanti Senior Living, launched in 2013, owns some of the most prestigious assisted living communities in the U.S. Their approach to senior living is second to none. It features as an art studio, theater, salon and spa, relaxation therapy, and on-site private medical rooms. In addition, their gourmet dining, private lounge, outdoor patio, and luxury rooms make Avanti a home away from home for their residents. This ground-breaking partnership will launch in February 2018 at Avanti’s Towne Lake community in Cypress, TX.

Avanti Senior Living

“Our holistic approach to caring for our residents is innovative”, says Lori Alford, COO of Avanti Senior Living. In Italian, the word Avanti means “forward” …forward in medical/health/wellness services, forward in memory care, and forward in technology. Avanti has partnered with CarePredict, a technology system that utilizes Tempo™, a wrist-worn wearable that houses a sophisticated array of sensors able to detect an individual’s activities of daily living (ADLs) and location, while providing a touch-button call system for real-time communication with caregivers. Tempo™ senses ADLs like eating, drinking, bathing, grooming, brushing teeth, toileting, walking, sitting, sleeping and more. And, it knows in what rooms those activities are occurring. When the integrated assistance button is pressed, an alert is sent to caregivers showing the exact location of the senior.”

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CarePredict is revolutionary. Its advanced technology used for early detection of health risks and conditions for seniors is unprecedented. This technology is used in home care, assisted living communities, and independent living communities.  It measures residents’ activities and keeps track of anyone wearing the device. This is especially important for residents with memory care issues or who are at risk of elopement. Caring for senior residents is an around-the-clock job.  CarePredict technology can detect subtle changes in a resident’s health that could indicate a serious health issue. Also, the CarePredict solution provides “24/7 valuable insights”. It allows communities to be able to share information about the resident with their family. This reassures the family that their loved one is being well taken care of.

However, collaborating with CarePredict, and bringing innovative monitoring technology to seniors, does not replace the personal attention and human contact of specialized team members at Avanti Senior Living. Avanti’s on-site private rooms for telehealth and in-house or visiting doctors gives residents the personal attention they need and deserve. Additionally, an Executive Director, Engagement Coordinator, Memory Care Coordinator, LVNs, Care Partners, and talented instructors are just a few staff members you will encounter at Avanti. As a matter of fact, progressive activity programs and amenities keep the residents active and engaged. Also, Avanti’s Salize memory care program provides sensory stimulation activities that “engage all five senses, which is important for someone struggling with dementia. Moreover, our goal is to create an environment that empowers those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to flourish and live life to its fullest.”

The collaboration between Avanti Senior Living and CarePredict will be a partnership that is unparalleled. It will provide senior residents with complete medical, health, wellness, and monitoring services.  Avanti’s diligence and level of care for its senior residents is a true advancement in senior living.