Blogs really keep you informed!!

Do you think you’re too old for technology or social media? In fact, experts report that more and more seniors are participating in social media and are keeping up-to-date by reading various blogs. The best part is they are joining Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, realizing the fun and benefits each one provides.

If you’re looking for some online reading material, there are several blogs for seniors that are quite informative. Whether you’re interested in housing, technology, health and nutrition, or other news, these blogs have you covered.

Check out these examples from the top 5 blogs that are designed to keep seniors informed and in-touch:



blogs snippet about healthy foods for your brain

Sarah Lock, VP for Policy in AARP’s PRI Affairs, gives insight into the types of foods that keep your brain healthy.  In fact, according to GCBH (Global Council on Brain Health) experts, eating a “heart-healthy diet with plenty of fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy fats and limited amounts of red meat, fried food and processed food” can strengthen your brain and reduce the risk of dementia symptoms. Click here to discover more about a wide range of issues that focus on the elderly, including discounts, products, and health and wellness.


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article title - Migraines Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes

blogs snippet about migraines increasing risk for heart diseases

Nicholas Bakalar, The New York Times Journalist, writes an informative article about the impact migraine headaches have on cardiovascular disease.  Equally important, according to Dr. Kasper Adelborg, lead author of BMJ, it’s “important to find out if the agents that prevent migraine could also reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.”  If you would like to discover more information about staying healthy and feeling great, click here.


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blogs snippet about 2018 flu season

Kathleen Doheny, a Los Angeles-based journalist, provides an amazing look into the 2018 flu season and its effect on the elderly.  Public officials are calling this year’s flu season the worst in recent years.  Unfortunately, the elderly are “one of the most vulnerable groups for flu complications”. The CDC has even reported that the flu is now widespread, affecting most of the U.S. You can stay healthy during the flu season.  Doctors suggest doing the following: washing your hands often and with soap, have fever reducers (i.e. Advil, Motrin) readily available, and wear a mask when you’re out in a crowd. To learn more about the latest updates for seniors, visit here.


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blogs snippet about falls prevention

Emily Nabors, MSG, Program Coordinator and Evaluator at FPCE, provides a “simple checklist in your day-to-day activities to identify and take steps to overcome the falls risks in your community.”  For example, these steps include: taking public transportation, walking on sidewalks/crosswalks, using handrails on stairs, and using car support devices. Additionally, experts say it’s never too late to be knowledgeable about various types of falls risks. Click here to get more insight into an organization that caters to professionals, older adults and caregivers, and advocates.


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blogs snippet about the healing effects of music and art therapy


Avanti Senior Living writers discuss the unconventional types of music and art therapy in memory care. “Doctors have discovered that Alzheimer’s disease normally does not affect the parts of the brain related to emotions, creativity and creative expression. As a matter of fact, stimulate these areas and allow the individual to communicate using the emotional and creative centers of the brain.” Many senior living communities use music and art therapy.  This helps to aid in memory retrieval, speech, and movement. Avanti Senior Living is no exception.  Creating an environment that empowers residents with dementia to live life to the fullest is one of Avanti’s main goals. Moreover, to find out more about Avanti’s Assisted Living and Memory Care, click here.