Happy Saint Patricks Day Background.Did you know? On March 17th we celebrate the patron saint of Ireland who died on March 17, 461. That day is called the Roman Catholic feast day BUT did you know that St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish?

St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain, where is the area of Great Britain governed by the Romans. His birth name was Maewyn. He was kidnapped into slavery, brought to Ireland, escaped to Gaul, France and lived in a monastery. It was there that he converted to Christianity. In 432, he went back to Ireland as a missionary and helped to make Christianity more widespread. He became a bishop and after he died he was named Ireland’s patron saint.

Fun facts: the Shamrock was used by St. Patrick to explain the Trinity. Corned beef and cabbage is an Irish American dish as these folks were so poor the best meal they could afford on this holiday was beef and cabbage, so it became a staple for this holiday.