Why is the Fall Season THE Best Season - Avanti Senior Living

It’s no secret that something special happens when the fall season arrives. Whether it’s the food, the fashion, or the foliage, Fall seems to revive you and give you a new sense of energy or new perspective on life that you’ve missed throughout the rest of the year. The fresh air, the crisp Fall mornings, and cool weather make it easier to endure the physical activities that used to be shortened because of the heat and humidity.
So, why do so many people consider the fall season, THE best season? Take a look at the list below and come up with a few of your own.


Food - Avanti Senior LivingJust one word comes to mind…pumpkin. Okay…maybe there’s another word…apples. Every year, during this time, there’s an influx of sugary, pumpkin spiced, orange-colored goods that hit you like a ton of bricks. During the Fall, everything pumpkin lines the shelves of every supermarket, coffee shop, and bakery throughout the nation. Who can resist pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cream cheese, and even pumpkin pie ice cream? But, when you’re thinking of fall foods, don’t forget about apples. From apple pies to caramel apples, there is always an abundance of apple goods. Oh, and spiced apple cider pairs perfectly with your pumpkin donuts!


Fashion - Avanti Senior Living
When the fall season hits, so do the fall fashion trends. Layered clothing, sweaters, and boots are must-haves for anyone wanting to be comfy, cozy, and trends during the season. Riding boots, booties, over-the-knee boots…the options are endless. “Even before the fall 2017 fashion shows wrapped in March, there was no question that the official color of the season was red, with a variety of crimson tones popping up in at least one look on a majority of the runways.”


Foliage - Avanti Senior Living You can’t think of the fall season without thinking of the changing colors of the leaves. Taking a drive through foliage covered landscapes, and you’ll be fascinated by the untainted beauty of red, orange, and yellow hues of the leaves. Watch this mesmerizing drone video of fall foliage in New England. During this time of year, photographers and social media opportunists scatter about to find the best foliage changes in the states. You’ll often see couples posing in front of trees with brilliant bright colors to get the perfect shot.


Football - Avanti Senior Living
Even if you’re not a football fan or any kind of sports fan, there’s no doubt that football plays a big part of the fall season. And what’s better is that fall season = football season, and football season = tailgate season. You don’t have to enjoy sports to enjoy a good tailgate. Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced pro, throwing a good tailgate party for your family and friends is what football season is all about. Plus, it gives you valuable time to socialize while trying out your best burgers, barbeque, and beer!


So, no matter what you choose to do during the Fall, it’s clear that it’s a season of regeneration and regrowth. The perfect weather, the changing leaves, and the family holidays make Fall the most scenic and the most beautiful of all the seasons.