Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about costume ideas. If you’re a senior, you might be wondering what kind of Halloween activities are available for seniors age 65 and older? Well fear not! It doesn’t matter if you live at home, in an assisted living community or somewhere else–there are plenty of great options out there.

Here are just a few fun things to do this Halloween:

1. Make your own pumpkin carving kit with all natural ingredients like fresh fruit purees, spices, herbs and more.

2. Attend one of many “pajama parties” scheduled for October 31st where everyone wears their favorite PJs.

3. Share scary stories. If you have a knack for storytelling, gather your family and friends together to tell spooky tales.Enjoy a classic horror movie marathon. If you and your peers can’t get enough of the classics, why not kick back with some popcorn and watch a scary film marathon?

4. Try your hand at a homemade costume contest. If you have the sewing skills, put them to good use by creating a homemade costume. If not, try putting together an ensemble that is composed of pieces from your closet or garage sale finds (bonus points if it’s inspired by anything vintage).

5. If you’re in an assisted living community, ask the team to set up trick-or-treating stations. You’re never too old to trick or treat!

6. Try some Halloween-themed recipes, such as devilish eggs or dragon’s blood punch.

No matter what type of senior lifestyle you lead this Halloween season–you will be sure to find something fun! What are some creative ideas YOU have for Halloween?