Exercise your mind, body, and strength!

As we age, an active lifestyle is extremely important.  It is good for the mind, the body and strength. Regular exercise has many physical health and mental health benefits.  This is especially true for our loved ones as they age. There are various ways for people to increase their longevity, and ultimately boost their happiness.

Regular exercise, for example, helps to increase energy and boost metabolism. It helps us look and feel younger. It reduces the impact of illness, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia. Some elderly may feel they are too old, too frail, or too limited to exercise. However, even doing simple activities such as gardening, shopping, or walking is advantageous for overall health.

Additionally, proper exercise can help increase muscle strength and reduce chances of falling down or becoming injured. There are even exercises for those who are chair-bound and face special challenges.  You can do low-impact exercises to increase flexibility, improve range of motion, and reduce arthritic pain. Also, many people with mobility issues find that exercising in water is very beneficial.  It sustains the body and diminishes the risk of muscle or joint pain.

Equally important, regular exercise or physical activity has many mental health benefits. It helps to decrease stress, improve sleep, boost mood and self-confidence.  Exercise also helps manage symptoms of depression. It also aids in regulating brain function.  It boosts the chemicals in the brain that prevent brain deterioration.

Regular exercise improves cognitive abilities and decreases memory loss.  This slows the progress of brain disorders. Furthermore, exercising outdoors is beneficial for those who feel depressed or restless. Being out in nature has a consoling effect.  It’s calm, peaceful, quiet, and serene.

Exercise can help to prevent diseases, control stress levels, improve mood, and keep our muscles strong. It is the most important thing we can do to remain healthy and increase vitality. Physical and mental health is a huge incentive for a little bit of hard work. Ultimately, long term health is an achievable goal. All it takes is a little bit of effort and commitment.