It is a joyous occasion to celebrate the parents in our lives. What better day than on July 25th? That’s right, it’s National Parent’s Day! Every year on the fourth Sunday of July, National Parent’s Day is celebrated to recognize the role of parents in children’s lives. Let’s explore why this holiday was created and what you can do to celebrate with your family on July 25th.

National Parents’ Day

As every parent knows, it is a tough job being the head of the household. A child can’t do without his/her parents due to the importance they play in their lives. National Parent’s Day celebrates positive role models and responsible parenting. After all, nobody can take our parents’ place!

National Parents’ Day: History

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a law and the US Congress approved to celebrate the fourth Sunday of every July as Parent’s Day. Similar to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, this day recognizes the role parents play in bringing up children by uplifting them.

National Parents’ Day: Traditions

On Parents’ Day, Americans will celebrate by honoring outstanding parents and recognizing the hard work that goes into raising children. The day is also used to promote a strong and stable society by giving guidance and moral support for people who are in the parenting role. Throughout the nation, many states will have events planned to commemorate this day.

To honor parents, local committees of volunteers organize various activities. Every year Parent’s Day programs are held in towns and neighborhoods all over the country, with many nominating some amazing people who are like parents to them.

National Parent’s Day celebrates positive role models and responsible parenting. After all, nobody can take our parents’ place!

The Importance of Parents

Art therapy can provide creative stimulation for the aging population and those living with dementia. From expressing emotions to boosting fine motor skills, art has many benefits for seniors. One specific type of art that researchers have found significant benefits in is clay work.

Parents are such an important role in our lives. However, parents don’t have to be biological to have a positive impact on us. Here are a few ways that parents are affect each and every one of us:

• Parents can be our best friends.
• Parents provide unconditional love.
• Parents play a staggering role in the development of kids. Parenting is complicated and their roles vary, but they
provide everything we need at key stages.
• Parents teach children the value of discipline, integrity, and relationships.
• Parents provide moral and financial support.
• Parents sacrifice and help children get ready for the future.

Final Thought

Support of the family is an integral part of everyone’s life. Parents help us in every step of our lives. They trained us to face future challenges and are actually our first teachers. We all have extraordinarily talented and hard-working parents in our lives, and National Parent’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show them how much we appreciate everything they do for us.

Happy Parents’ Day!