It’s been three months that Avanti has been going full steam yet it feels three times longer.

  1. We have three pieces of land in areas we are excited to see Avanti succeed and have another three markets we are currently looking for land.
  2. We have selected our three most important team players from the development side- developer, architect and interior design. We have a trifecta of awesomeness!
  3. We have been to 3 conferences and laugh about 333 x’s a day… yes, we believe in having fun.

While we are a new company, we are not new to the senior housing business – 50 plus years and counting! We love every minute of it and are so excited to bring fresh and innovative design, technology and standards to the industry. As we all know, time flies when you have fun. The past three months have been incredible and filled with triple the amount of high fives. Technically, three months is not a long time but we have accomplished an incredible amount of progress which leads us closer to seeing our vision become our reality.