Art therapy is a powerful way to help those who suffer from dementia heal, and the healing effects are limitless. The benefits extend well beyond the physical to include social, emotional, and cognitive stimulation. At Avanti Senior Living, we offer a wide range of therapeutic activities for our residents including music therapy, pet therapy, and even arts and crafts!

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the creative process of art making to improve mental health. It can be used as a treatment for people with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Art therapy is also being used in memory care communities to help those who have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia communicate their thoughts and feelings more clearly.

Art Therapy to Improve Skills

Art has been known to help improve communication skills, memory skills, and problem-solving abilities. Art therapy is also an excellent way to help residents stay active. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they’re working on their fine motor muscles when they create art!

Art therapy helps those suffering from dementia express themselves. When a person with Alzheimer’s creates art, they’re able to express feelings and thoughts that may be difficult for them to verbalize. It can help them communicate their wants and needs in a way that is easier for family members or caretakers to understand.

Art therapy also helps residents tap into memories and past experiences. When a person with dementia creates an art project, it makes them remember parts of their past that may be lost to them otherwise. It stimulates memory and communication skills.

Art therapy also improves the overall mood of those suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Creating art is often very therapeutic and can help reduce feelings such as anxiety and stress.

At Avanti Senior Living, we offer a wide range of therapeutic activities for our residents including music therapy, pet therapy, and even arts and crafts!

Art Therapy at Avanti Senior Living

Art therapy is often overlooked as a beneficial therapeutic intervention for those with Alzheimer’s. It has been found to improve communication skills, memory skills, and mood in those with dementia.

Avanti Senior Living has found that art therapy can have a significant impact on residents who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, helping them to combat depression and anxiety while improving their cognitive abilities.

Art therapy can be used as a means of communication for those with Alzheimer’s disease, helping them to express themselves and communicate their feelings. It also provides an opportunity to learn new skills that will help the person feel productive within their community. Art projects are often very collaborative in nature, requiring various residents’ involvement which helps improve socialization skills among the residents.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ways to create an enriching environment for your loved one with dementia, consider incorporating art into their day-to-day life. From painting or drawing to clay sculpting and pottery, there are so many creative options available! If you are worried about your loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia who has stopped participating in activities they used to enjoy, seek help. Memory care is an ever-changing field with new
research coming out every day that can help us provide more effective treatments for those who suffer from dementia like you or your loved one. We’re always looking to explore new therapies that will improve the quality of life here at Avanti Senior Living, so check back often to see what innovations we have in store next!