Seniors are Happy - combat socialization

It’s been said that ‘a man is not an island.’ This has never been truer than during the senior years of a person’s life. There have been numerous studies researching various issues that seniors encounter. One significant issue facing seniors is loneliness. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be handled with families and caregivers working together. Whether the loved one is living in a community for seniors or his own home, a carefully designed plan will work.

Combat social isolation!

Create A Calendar

One way to help avoid social isolation is the creation of a daily activity calendar. In assisted living communities, they schedule daily activities to give residents an understanding of when they can expect to see others and what socialization activities are available to them. Coordinate each activity in a way that allows residents to have both an active friend group and time with family.

Tips to Combat Social Isolation in Elderly Family Members

Another strategy to combat loneliness is to provide outing opportunities. These opportunities might come in the form of a trip to the local library, watching a play, going to lunch, or maybe even a trip to a local shopping center. Staying active is essential for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When possible, use technology to help your loved one connect with other seniors to form new friendships that will be mutually beneficial.

Technology Enables Communication

Some assisted living communities, such as Avanti Senior Living, delivers technology directly to residents – in the form of highly customized tablet computers, community-wide Wi-Fi, and streaming technology. The tablets provide convenience, intellectual stimulation, socialization and entertainment to residents, all of which, when coupled with a great activity schedule help eliminate social isolation within the community. Residents can Skype with loved ones, post to Facebook, see pictures, and engage in social games or entertainment.

In Conclusion

Having both a strategy and experience in making each resident’s social life rich and interesting is highly important. Find the balance between technology and group socialization, as each person is unique, so tailor each person’s activity schedule to what they want to do. With a plan in place, you can eradicate isolation and loneliness.