“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill

Most people consider positive thinking as a way of life, and feel that developing a positive attitude and outlook can truly change your entire life.  Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings and moods, thus leading to unhappiness, frustration, and displeasure. Conversely, when you think about something that makes you happy, your brain releases endorphins, giving you a feeling of happiness, contentment, and overall well-being…leading to a positive attitude.

positive thinking - diagram

Being an optimist and having a positive outlook on life is one of the most important characteristics you possess. When you exude positivity in your life, positive things tend to happen to you in the form of good health, good relationships, and success. This is known as the “basic law of attraction”….positive thinking produce positive results.

 Here are the top 4 ways to obtain a positive attitude:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

    – Letting go of the negative people in your life leaves you open to having and maintaining positive relationships. Happiness is contagious and spending time with people who also have a positive outlook on life leads you to see the world more positively.

  2. Be aware of negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts

    – Negative thoughts drain your energy and make you feel weak.  When you start to have negative thoughts, it’s like a snowball effect. Your negative thoughts, which usually come from dwelling on the past or worrying about the unknown future, become unproductive and lead to negative emotions.  Be conscious of these negative thoughts and begin to think constructively.

  3. Use the phrase “yes I can”

    – Oftentimes when someone tries a new and exciting venture in their life, their first reaction is “I can’t do this”! The word “can’t” implies ability, and if you say you can’t do something, you are literally saying that you are unable to do it.  Be honest with yourself and know that you CAN do anything you set your mind to.

  4. positive thinkingDo what makes you happy

    – Different things make different people happy, and the most exciting part is to find what makes YOU happy. Whether it’s exercise, playing with your kids, or spending time with your loved ones…find happiness and engage in it. Laughing releases oxytocin, known as the love or cuddle hormone. We both affect and are affected by the people we meet. So, when you’re happy, the people around you will be happy too.

Make it a point today to have positive thoughts, develop a positive attitude, and exude that positivity to those around you.  Positive thinking and having a positive attitude will show in the way you walk, talk, and present yourself.  It’s not only healthy, but it truly changes your life.