There are many myths floating around about Assisted Living on the Internet. It’s important to separate fact from fiction when looking at options for you or a loved one. Here are a few facts about Assisted Living that may surprise you.

Assisted Living is More Affordable Than You Think – Compared to nursing home care and home health care, assisted living offers the essentials of these services and more. According to online resources, Assisted Living may be the least expensive option available in certain markets. Costs for In-Home Care and Private Nursing Homes have skyrocketed while costs for Assisted Living have remained fairly stable., Assisted Living may be a great option for seniors looking for companionship and resort style living, with medical oversight close at hand.

Varying Levels of Care Available – Need less care and more social interaction? Need more care and a better overall healthy living plan? With Assisted Living, you have choices to find the place that best fits your specific needs and requirements. Not every assisted living community offers the same services. Along with the varying degrees of care, comes a varying level of personality present at each assisted living location. The look and feel of an assisted living community is different at each location, so it’s imperative that you find one that you can enjoy. To sum it up, assisted living communities come in all shapes and sizes offering different levels of care and personality, which means you should do a lot of research for any assisted living community you’re considering for you or a loved one.

Sometimes Pets are Welcome – Lastly, some assisted living communities let you bring your pet into your personal living area. Pets are becoming increasingly more common in assisted living communities as they offer a level of comfort and companionship that’s hard to reproduce. Research has shown some seniors benefit from regular contact with animals. There’s another reason to; it’s good for business. Allowing pets is an amenity many seniors look for when searching for the right community.
Ultimately, assisted living communities are a great option for most seniors. They offer a place that allows you to be your own person, while having the opportunity to grow socially. As long as you’re mindful of the many different types of assisted living communities and the care options they provide, you should have a great experience as you work on finding your perfect community.