Talking & A Whole Lot More

This is the age of technology, and smartphones have become incredibly advanced since the phone was first invented in 1876. They have also become multifunctional well beyond using it to call someone. They are used for text messages, email, news, and games. They serve as road maps, stopwatches, timers, a flashlight, a camera, and a photo album.

The uses continue to grow with each version that comes out and are beginning to replace landline use in a lot of households. Many consider them a first line of protection due to the fact they can travel with you. With all of these services provided by one little device, what would be the “hang up” with buying one? It usually comes down to pairing the right phone to the owner’s needs.

Things to Consider

The senior population is to be commended for a job well done in accepting, adapting to, and embracing the technology that has developed over their lifetime. One thing that has not changed throughout history though, is the physical challenges of aging. Seniors struggle with dexterity in their fingers, vision changes, hearing loss, and for some, it affects memory. Each person is affected differently by aging and will need a phone that compensates for the individual lifestyle of the user.

Best Smartphones for Seniors

There are all kinds of “top 10” lists online for smartphones that may be helpful when determining the quality of a phone, but it is not necessarily a good gauge for matching a phone with the user. Seniors should consider what the primary use of the device will be and what the physical ability is of the user. For example, if a senior travels a lot, a phone that ranks well for reception and maybe a great camera function would be high on the priority list. A senior with hearing loss needs a smartphone that boasts great speakers and easy volume controls. Some smartphones even pair with hearing aids through bluetooth technology. A smart phone with a large display screen can be a great attribute for visual challenges and dexterity. If a senior likes to share photos of grandchildren and family, search for a phone that has a large memory to store photos in an easy access app or folder. If the phone is primarily for safety concerns, search for a phone that has an easy emergency button on the main screen and a built in GPS for location purposes.

Seniors of today realize that technology can be a great asset! The multiple functions of today’s phones can be a bit overwhelming. Making a list of the top purposes you are seeking in a phone and any physical challenges that may affect the ability of the senior using the phone can be helpful. Remember, it doesn’t come down to what features others like, it needs to have the features that work for each unique individual.. Have the senior play with some phones at the store, and ask lots of questions. If e he or she is not happy with your selection, take it back to find a better match. Ultimately, the best smartphone is out there for everyone.Here are a few of the top options available to go check out.



1. Doro PhoneEasy 612– This phone is perfect for some seniors. The phone has a ton of Senior-friendly accessories including HUGE buttons for those faint of sight, a large screen for clear usability, a usable camera, and also loud speakers for the hearing impaired. It also pairs with most Bluetooth enabled devices such as ear phones and external speakers.




2. Snapfon ezTWO3G– The Snapfon ezTWO3G is one of the more popular senior phones on the market right now. It comes with 3G internet, easy to read and touch buttons, and a user-friendly interface. The biggest selling point on this phone is its price. Listed at 20$ it is one of the most affordable senior friendly phones out there. The price combined with the features and a surprisingly well placed SOS button, this is a phone to consider.




3. IPhone 6 Plus– The IPhone 6 is one of the most used phones on the planet right now. It’s also surprisingly great for seniors, especially the Plus model. The IPhone 6 plus has a huge screen measured at 5.5’ with a full HD Retina display. The price bump is significant compared to the other two phones listed, but quite simply the IPhone 6 plus is the best phone on the market. The senior friendly perks are numerous, a HUGE screen, a very popular and user friendly interface, huge amounts of storage for pictures, one of the best camera phones on the market, and most importantly a built in GPS for any loving family member to find you. The IPhone 6 Plus gives the most options and the most features for keeping a senior entertained, un-frustrated, and most of all happy.