One’s reaction to stress varies from person to person, and what you don’t know about stress can be harmful.  Believe it or not, stress can be linked to all 6 of the leading causes of death…accidents, cancer, heart disease, suicide, lung disorders, and cirrhosis of the liver.


Here are the top 5 tips to help you reduce your stress:

  1. Breathing

World Asthma Day background.Meditation, massage, aromatherapy and many other self-help techniques are known to help tremendously in reducing stress. One of the most effective ways to stimulate the relaxation response is by decreasing the heart rate. The most commonly used strategy is breathing by contracting the diaphragm.  Simply sit up straight with both feet on the floor, close your eyes, and focus on reciting a positive mantra such as “I feel at peace” or “I love myself.” Let any distracting thoughts float away.


  1. Get Moving

Untitled-2Yoga, exercise or taking a walk can be very de-stressing.  Physical activity is very beneficial in reducing and preventing the effects of stress. Just about any form of physical activity can help relieve stress caused by anger, tension, and frustration. Exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood, thus serving as a valuable distraction to your daily worries.




  1. Laughter

art-therapyHumor is infectious, and laughter is actually one of the best natural remedies for stress. It triggers healthy physical changes in the body by strengthening your immune system, boosting your energy, reducing pain, and protecting you from the harmful effects of stress.



  1. Be social

Happy female friendsSocial engagement is the quickest, most efficient way to reduce stress. There is nothing more calming to your nervous system than socializing with another person who makes you feel safe and understood.




  1. Implement a Healthy Lifestyle.

Nutrition framesEat a healthy diet. Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress, so be aware of what you eat. By reducing caffeine and sugar, the temporary “highs” that they provide, which often ends in with a crash in mood and energy, will be diminished, and you’ll feel more relaxed. In addition, you should get enough sleep as adequate sleep fuels your mind, as well as your body.



So in honor of Stress Awareness Month, take some time out to get more informed and become better aware of how stress is impacting you. Be aware that stress exists, but knowing how to reduce your stress is the key to leading a happier and healthier life.