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The benefits of Barre classes are many — simply put, barre classes combine elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training and all moves are choreographed to fun, motivational music. And, you’ll be able to see results in little time. If you work out on the barre 2-4 times/week, you may notice changes in as little as one month.
So, what are some of these benefits?

1. Tiny movements (isometric contractions) helps you improve muscle strength

2. Multiple muscles are targeted at one time — and it raises your heart rate

3. Your mind-body connection can improve and you use under-utilized muscles

4. Increased flexibility and endurance

5. You may lose weight (possible enough to feel great in a bikini!)

Barre classes don’t require any experience as everyone has different starting points and each person is challenged individually, at their own level. After each exhausting class, you will feel worked out from head to toe and you can measure your own progress; not yours against others!

These classes have been very attractive to our senior population – as no equipment needs to be purchased and the programs can be adapted to varying audiences – there’s even armchair barre – that works to improve flexibility and balance. And with upbeat music and motivating instructors, it is wonderful social time spent that may enable you to enjoy a longer, active life free of injuries.

The Mind. Body.Strength program at Avanti Senior Living offers a wide array of personalized physical activities including Barre classes. Each resident who chooses to participate will benefit from personal goals appropriately set with the help and support of Avanti’s full time fitness coordinator.