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The first Karaoke machines were developed in Japan in the 70’s. Over the next 20 years, into the 1990’s interest for Karaoke parties developed all over Asia and in many European countries. Karaoke was not successful at first in the United States and Canada. Now, however, in the U.S. many bars and restaurants have jumped in to offer Karaoke nights for customer retention (as it is requested) and outside the U.S. Karaoke is even used as an educational tool to increase the literacy rate!

Through much research, it was determined there are a myriad of songs requested — but several that stand out over and over by diverse groups: Here are the most popular:


Composer                                                                                                                  Song
Journey                                                                                                            Don’t Stop Believing
Bon Jovi                                                                                                           Living’ On a Prayer
Garth Brooks                                                                                                   Friends in Low Places
Steppenwolf                                                                                                    Born to be Wild
Neil Diamond                                                                                                  Sweet Caroline
Alanis Morrisette                                                                                           You Oughta Know