Did you know? How to Reduce Stress?











Try Lavender oil which is extracted from the fresh flowers of the Lavender plant. Supported research found that lavender has been used effectively for insomnia to anxiety, and for both depression and fatigue. The research confirmed that the scent of the lavender flower produces calm and soothing effects when inhaled. In addition, the fragrance of this flower has even lowered pulse rates and eased labor pains.

So, how is it used? Lavender can be found in bath salts, body lotions and in massage oils. Take a warm bath, and/or rub lotion into your skin after bathing. To fill the air with lavender, purchase candles and diffusers with this lovely scent or simply place drops of essential oils in these products. Easy, inexpensive and it works!

In keeping up with the latest research that identifies lavender as pleasing, relaxing and soothing, Avanti Senior Living sprays the pillows of each resident with lavender every night to promote a good night’s sleep.