Labor Day is a holiday that many of us take for granted. We often don’t know what it stands for or why we celebrate it, but the truth is Labor Day honors all workers in the United States. From laborers to CEOs and everything in between, everyone has contributed their fair share to making this country great. It’s our way of honoring those who work tirelessly every day to make sure we have food on our tables and roofs over our heads.

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

As we celebrate Labor Day, let’s also remember that this holiday isn’t just about honoring ourselves but those who work tirelessly every day to provide for and care for us. It’s about the achievements and contributions of our fellow workers, and the sacrifices they make for us every day.

Always observed the first Monday in September, President Grover Cleveland first proclaimed Labor Day a holiday in 1894. Created by members of the labor movement who fought for better working conditions, this day of honors the American worker and all those who have helped build our society. It also serves to recognize the importance of labor unions and their contributions throughout American history-especially during times when workers have been exploited or taken advantage of.

Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

There are many ways to celebrate Labor Day such as picnics with friends and family, going camping, or organizing a community service project together. Here are some other ideas: 

  • Hosting a barbecue 
  • Watching fireworks 
  • Volunteering at a local shelter
  • Collecting canned goods for a food pantry 
  • Going on a hike and enjoying the fresh air

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we celebrate holidays and events. If you are unable to leave your home, here are a few ways you can still celebrate with your loved ones.

  • DIY projects
  • Backyard games
  • Self-care
  • Finish your to-do list
  • Make dinner or dessert as a family

To Sum Up

Labor Day is a day to remember all the hard work done by our fellow workers in America–from carpenters to teachers, truck drivers to nurses and everyone else who has helped build this country! The holiday make look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to celebrate. Get creative, take advantage of your time off, and enjoy the day with your loved ones.